Inspiring Study Area

Study rooms come in different sizes, shapes and style, depending on the construction done. To achieve maximum concentration, some key aspects must be put into consideration before setting up an inspiring study-room. One is, the use of proper tables and chairs which is is of importance, seats must be straight, not fancy ensuring back-borne is not bent but always sit-up.

Use table lamp while studying, ensuring

Use table lamp while studying, ensuring that lighting is not dim nor too bright for the eyes, this is helpful as you can focus. A room must be well ventilated to provide a conducive environment for you to study. Motivational posters can be used around the walls as a guide to learners, also ensuring that paintings are not too fancy.

Inspiring Study Area

Cleanliness of the study room.

Tidiness is vital, arrangement of books, notes with other study materials must be neat on the table. Electronics gadgets that may interfere with the study, must be kept off the room. Remember, a quiet room equals maximum concentration. Stationery to be used for example; highlighters, markers, pens, pencils must be properly arranged for easy accessibility. A clock should be installed in the study room not to check on the time but to be used for time management and during self tests.