What Princeton Dormitory Looks Like

Attending University for the first time usually gets incoming students excited about their lives on campus. This includes discovering their new dorms. Princeton, an Ivy League University, has six residential colleges which are better known as Forbes, Whitman, Wilson, Rockefeller, Mathey, and Butler. Students are placed randomly in different colleges, as they get to live with students from all over the world, people from different backgrounds, abilities and interests.

These six residential colleges are situated

These six residential colleges are situated in a cozy environment for studying as well as relaxing. The rooms differ, together with being all centrally heated; the main lounges at Forbes and Bloomberg are air-conditioned. Rooms can accommodate from 1 to 11 people, with Wilson College having the biggest suites. Rockefeller, Bloomberg and Butler alongside Mathey are mainly quads/singles, while Forbes mostly has doubles.

What Princeton Dormitory Looks Like

There are facilities available in your residential colleges, they include laundry services, alongside printing services which are free. Each dorm also has a dining hall, common room, academic spaces, dance studio, music practice room, ceramic studio, mini library, gym, TV theater together with some meditation spaces.

Residential college is the heartbeat for entertainment on campus, it is where you will meet some of your friends, share meals with professors, and learn from your peers. Another unique experience is the college council, this is a group of leaders who make all the fun happen like a trip to the acclaimed New York Broadway shows which are completely free. In a nutshell, the dorms at Princeton University would give you a sense of a community, together with the skills to adapt in the real world. You would have so much fun growing up in that environment.